Reports & Research projects

Assessing the Business Case of 5G Networks as a Service (NaaS) in Spain (2019). A project for Cátedra Huawei 5G at the UPM.

Cost elements in the rollout of 5G networks in the Netherlands (2017). A report with Stratix for the Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat (Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Environment). Available here.

Exploring the cost, coverage and rollout implications of 5G in Britain (2016). Edward J. Oughton & Zoraida Frias. A report for the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC). Published December 2016. Available here or here.

Keys and challenges for the deployment of 30 Mbps LTE access networks in the rural areas of Spain (2014). A study funded by Huawei Technologies. Published December 2014. Available here (Spanish only)

U.S. vs. European Broadband Deployment: What Do the Data Say? (2014) Support to Professor Christopher S. Yoo study. Center for Technology, Innovation, and Competition, University of Pennsylvania. A study funded by Broadband for America, June 2014.Final report available here. Chair (2010-2015). The aim of the Chair was to provide technical support and advice to and the State Secretary of Telecommunications and for the Information Society (Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Tourism). Within this project, Dr. Frias has taken part in working groups regarding telecommunication regulation and public policies, i.e.

  • Working group on the ‘Advisory report of the high-level expert group for the Digital Agenda for Spain‘ (2012). Report available here (Spanish only)
  • National Ultrafast Broadband Strategy (2013)

The role of satellite technologies when universalizing broadband access (2012). A study for Tinkle Communications, in collaboration with Eutelsat

Study on the future of European Technology providers in the global telecommunications market (2011). Taken part in the working group of the project SMART 2011/042 for the European Commission.

Other professional activities

Manager of the Secretariat of the Spanish Internet Governance Forum  (June 2013 – September 2014; January 2017 – )